Select Publications.

  1. Batched Differentially Private Information Retrieval, K Dak Albab, R Issa, M Varia, K Graffi, USENIX Security 2022. [talk & slides]

  2. Hecate: Abuse Reporting in Secure Messengers with Sealed Sender, R Issa, N Al Haddad, M Varia, USENIX Security 2022. [talk & slides]

  3. Sharing Sensitive Department of Education Data Across Organizational Boundaries Using Secure Multiparty Computation, D Archer, A O'Hara, R Issa, S Straus 2021.

  4. Accessible privacy-preserving web-based data analysis for assessing and addressing economic inequalities, A Lapets, F Jansen, K Dak Albab, R Issa, L Qin, M Varia, A Bestavros, ACM SIGCAS 2018.

  5. Tutorial: Deploying Secure Multi-Party Computation on the Web Using JIFF, K Dak Albab, R Issa, ALapets, P Flockhart, L Qin, I Globus-Harris, SecDev 2019.

  6. Role-based ecosystem for the design, development, and deployment of secure multi-party data analytics applications, A Lapets, KD Albab, R Issa, L Qin, M Varia, A Bestavros, F Jansen, SecDev 2019.

  7. Scalable Secure Multi-Party Network Vulnerability Analysis via Symbolic Optimization, K Dak Al Bab, R Issa, A Lapets, A Bestavros, N Volgushev, WTMC 2017.